10 Meter Walk Test

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To measure speed and efficiency of walking at self selected speed or maximum speed. Can also assess vestibular function. Take average of 3 trials Useful as an assessment and outcome measure.

Assesment Type


Patient Group

Cerebral Palsy | Musculoskeletal | Neurodisability (Other) | Neuromuscular | Other

Age Group

Children (3-12 years) | Adolescents (13-17 years) | Young Adult (18+ years)

ICF domain

Activity & Participation

Area of assessment

Activities of Daily Living | Balance and co-ordination | Gross Motor

Key description



Equipment required

Method of marking floor, timer

Training required

Previous training and experience recommended.

Considerations & references

A straight 10 m walkway with markers at 2m where timing starts, and 8 m when timing stops. Assistive devices can be used but should be documented.

Excellent reliability in children with neuromuscular disease and injuries. Children with Neuromuscular Disease: (n = 29; mean age = 11.5 (3.5) years (6-16), Children with Neuromuscular Disease).

3 trials may be beyond some children’s capabilities.  Easy to use in any language.

Unable to predict time to complete.

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