Abilhand Kids

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Measure of bimanual ability in upper limb impairments . Useful for assessment, treatment planning and measuring outcomes

Assesment Type


Patient Group


Age Group

Adolescents (13-17 years)

ICF domain


Area of assessment

Activities of Daily Living

Key description

21 point questionnaire of everyday activities. Completed by parents using a 3 point rating scale : impossible, difficult, easy


Free at the moment however, a fee may apply in the future.

Equipment required

Reliability / validity Test-retest reliability 0.92 Downloadable questionnaire, online scoring with evaluation

Training required

Previous experience and training needed.

Considerations & references

Children with CP, aged 6-15 without major intellectual deficits

Strengths / weaknesses
Minimal resources, parent involvement

Time to complete
Approx 15 minutes

Available in 30 languages




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